What are thoughts and What is their effect on people’s lives? Have you ever thought about an answer to those questions? Everyone reacts differently in every situation, or maybe in the same situation, each one sees it from a different point of view according to their own beliefs. Thoughts are what forms humans. However, what someone thinks may lead them in a wrong direction in their life; therefore, understanding the real meaning of thoughts might solve almost 80% of your problems.

Each day we get around 60,000 thoughts, we believe them and they become our reality. we have been taught that there are good and bad thoughts and referring to this, feelings are developed.  According to N. ElKrief (2012), Thoughts are just ideas in people’s minds, no thought is categorized to be right or wrong, they are just ideas. People believe thoughts according to their backgrounds because we are raised upon how the environment and people around us telling us what we should and shouldn’t do.

As a result, when someone is put in a specific situation they react according to those beliefs. Which leads to problems and all types of feelings we go through daily. Therefore, thoughts are the main reason behind negative feelings people have in life.

No one can deny the importance of thoughts they push humans forward, give an alert when there is danger and let people feel the love that surrounds them. On the other hand, people should know how to lead thoughts to the right direction so they can live peacefully. Therefore, the question is how people can change the way they think to master their lives?

In order to do that there are different approaches to deal with your thoughts and to master the way you think. The first approach is disbelieving your thoughts and to realize that those thoughts are not you. Second is positive thinking and shifting the way you think to live happily. And the final approach is the law of attraction which is focusing on what you want and neglecting what you don’t want. Each personality finds an approach that suits them and is comfortable using it. In the upcoming posts, each approach will be described with more details and tools to know how to use them to master your life.




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As a beginning for my journey, I wanted to start by writing about the topic which prevented me from starting this blog for years now. I wanted to highlight the only reason for anyone to not proceed in doing what they love and passionate about, which is fear.

For a really long time, people keep searching for who they are, their special traits and who they want to be. Some people find it right away and others just keep searching for years. personally, I didn’t have that special trait and always felt like I’m not enough because I’m not good at anything. However, I never lost hope and believed that there must be something that I love to do. So, I tried everything, literally everything and by the time I finally found what I was looking for; which is writing. I always loved to write but when it comes to actually commit to writing and show it to people that’s when fear comes.

That feeling that makes you think a thousand times before taking any step to follow your dream, it keeps throwing questions at you such as Am I good enough? Will it works? Will people make fun of me if I did that?. Lots and lots of questions come up, then you just stop and do nothing. You set there watching everyone going after what you love and you are not taking any steps or doing any effort for that dream.

let’s admit it, it is not anyone’s fault. It is our own fault to let this fear come into our way and make excuses for ourselves that destroys our dreams. Therefore, Today I finally decided to write my first blog post and do what I love no matter the outcome.

To wrap this up, this blog is for anyone who has unsaid thoughts or feelings, wants to feel like they are not alone and to turn those fears into tools to help them start living in the right way.

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